Smart Door Lock Solution

Brief introduction of the plan

3D structured light camera and low power computing chip for door lock
The manufacturer provides a software and hardware integrated solution for 3D face recognition
Now the smart door lock spans from 2D to 3D.

Program advantage


Effective anti-counterfeiting, in vivo detection, not afraid of photo prosthesis attack


3D face recognition, second level recognition and make-up sunglasses are not affected


High security, supporting automatic security protection


Large viewing angle: vertical fov74.6 °, recognized by adults and children at close range


All day work: 940nm active infrared light, all black environment can work

Customer value

Better experience: non-contact, no active cooperation, convenient operation and no sense of operation
High security: 3D face recognition and anti-counterfeiting, one millionth of the false recognition rate, to eliminate photo model deception.
One stop solution, easy to use

Application scenario

Hotel, hospital, office building, residence, access control, etc