C6140 camera

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Introduction to the principle of 3D structured light


The hardware of the 3D structured light module is mainly composed of projector and camera. The projector will project specific structural information on the surface of the object to be tested. Then, the structured light image of the surface to be tested is photographed by the infrared camera, and the 3D data of the object to be tested is obtained through image analysis based on the principle of triangle ranging.

3D structured light is widely used in 3D reconstruction, 3D face recognition and living detection.

Product characteristics


With special designed 3D structured light technology and speckle pattern, it can project more than 30000 speckle and decode 1 million 3D coordinate point clouds with submillimeter level accuracy

Lightweight and easy to use

Baseline width 40mm, small size, USB plug and play

Large angle of view

The vertical FOV is 74.6 °, which can collect human face in close range and large wide angle

Safe and reliable

Meet class I laser safety level, with automatic circuit protection for human eye safety, long-term stable operation