Product Brief

1Gratingmaster Datasheet

Gratingmaster grating design software can design all kinds of grating structures: square wave holographic grating, blazed grating, sine, trapezoid, triangle, three-point zigzag grating and many other structure gratings. It includes diffraction grating, structure, diffraction optical element, photovoltaic system and spectral grating. The characteristic size of grating can be from nanometer to millimeter.

       At the same time, diffraction efficiency, near-field, polarization, reflection, transmission and internal field can be calculated. Holographic gratings, Bragg gratings, surface gratings, photonic crystals, diffractive beam splitters, polarizers, antireflection and other customized characteristics can enable users to analyze and optimize the gratings with user-defined structures. These include imported measured height profiles and programmable height profiles or refractive index distribution media that use formulas to describe a height profile.


2Doemaster product introduction

Doemaster, a software for diffractive optical design, can design various diffractive optical elements, such as beam splitters, diffusers and shapers.

       Diffractive beam splitters allow one laser to be divided into beam arrays or multiple lasers to be copied into arrays.

       Diffractive diffractor can design any 2D light pattern according to the determined scattering. Diffractor and beam splitter can be used to transform coherent light and partially coherent light source. Diffraction beam shaping can be used to shape coherent laser beam into ring, rectangle, line or custom 2D intensity distribution.

Application scenario:

Wave optics simulation and diffractive optical element design:

     Shaping, beam splitting and homogenization, including a variety of optimization algorithms, which can be used for local and global optimization;

     The optimized diffractive element can be directly used as the element of the optical system to simulate the optical system;

      The cascaded diffractive optics can be optimized;

      An optimization solution can be carried out based on the selection and cooperation of various optimization algorithms