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Angstrong tech. is committed to becoming a top enterprise in the field of 3D sensor / intelligent hardware, providing first-class 3D sensor whole solutions for smart terminals such as mobile phones / tablets / PCS, face payment, security monitoring, smart cities, intelligent driving, AR / VR, robots and many other industries. With technology and user experience as the core, it provides medium and short distance ultra-high precision (sub millimeter level), as well as medium and long distance high precision 3D sensing solutions, including optical modules and depth algorithm.

The core team of the company comes from the top talents and returnees from the first-class universities and companies at home and abroad, who master the core technology of 3D sensing system software and hardware, such as structured light, TOF, multi-eye stereo vision, and have a solid theoretical basis and rich engineering experience in the field of 3D sensing.

Company positioning: 3D sensor and intelligent hardware overall scheme expert

Vision of the company: to install "eyes of wisdom" on all terminals

Development path


The company was founded, committed to become the top enterprise in 3D sensor field


Angel round financing, with tens of millions invested by Lihe science and technology maker


First 3D structured light module mogo released


Round a financing of nearly 100 million yuan, qingkong Jinxin capital leading investment


Module KK level mass production capacity
Brush face payment, volume measurement solution release

Core teamcore team



徐冰 博士


郑臻荣 教授


蒋建华 博士


鲁亚东 博士


Li an


投资机构Investment institutions

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