3D structured light moduleMOGO

Angstrong The 3D structured light module can be embedded into smart terminals such as mobile phones, face payment, smart door locks through Mipi interface for high-precision 3D depth data collection and output, providing standard SDK interface for 3D face recognition, 3D modeling, gesture recognition, volume measurement and other applications. It can be widely used in mobile phones, tablets, sweep

Product characteristics



3D structured light technology, 30000 projection lattice, can calculate the 3D point cloud of megapixel, and achieve sub millimeter precision.


Small size

The baseline between projector and IR camera is 15~50mm, Mature scheme, low power consumption, easy to be embedded in mobile phones, door locks, robots and other intelligent terminals


Safe and reliable

It conforms to the laser class I standard. The product has a safety protection circuit. It will automatically detect the abnormality and close the projector, so as to avoid the injury caused by direct laser to the human eye


Large angle of view

DOE and IR sensors are specially designed with vertical FOV of 74.6 ° 940nm active infrared light source is adopted, which can be recognized under all black conditions

Product parameters

Basic parametersProduct size63*24*12.5 mm
Power waste1.5W
Working distance0.2~5m
working temperature-10~60℃
Storage temperature-20~80℃
Working humidity0~80RH
measurement accuracy0.25~0.45mm@400mm;  1~3mm@1m
Power supply modeUSB
output dataDepth data typeFloat32
Color data formatMJPG
Infrared imageResolving power640×480
color imageResolving power1920×1080  1280×720  640×480  320×240
FOV1920×1080: H40.2°×V65.7°(D73°)
Functional characteristicsHDR、Low light, high definition
Development platformWindowsSupport
Use environmentIndoor and outdoor
Safety gradelaser CLASS I