DOE Master


Doemaster can design various diffractive optical elements, such as beam splitters, diffusers and shapers.

       Diffractive beam splitters allow one laser to be divided into beam arrays or multiple lasers to be copied into arrays. The diffractive diffuser can design any 2D light pattern according to the determined scattering. Diffusers and beam splitters can be used to transform coherent and partially coherent light sources. Diffraction beam shaping can be used to shape coherent laser beam into ring, rectangle, line or custom 2D intensity distribution.


Application scenario:


  • Wave optics simulation and diffractive optical element design:

  • Shaping, beam splitting and homogenization, including a variety of optimization algorithms, which can be used for local and global optimization;

  • The optimized diffractive element can be directly used as the element of the optical system to simulate the optical system;

  • The cascaded diffractive optics can be optimized;

  • An optimization solution can be carried out based on the selection and cooperation of various optimization algorithms.


Product characteristics:

. Standard 64 bit software, fast and efficient multithreading optimization, suitable for any challenging DOE design, with diffraction angle up to 120 °

. easy implementation of large-scale DOE to 10000x10000 sampling pixels

Based on the latest iterative Fourier transform (IFTA) optimization method, fast convergence and high efficiency and uniformity of diffraction image are achieved;

More initial phase selection can achieve fast and optimal optimization results;

. intuitive and smooth workflow. When any design parameter is changed, the whole system will automatically sample and update immediately to achieve accurate and rapid optimization;

. friendly software interface, simple operation, full Chinese technical support, professional image display convenient for system evaluation.