What is the principle of 3D face recognition? You can also know


With the appearance of iPhone X in September, its "need 3D face recognition and unlocking" function, i.e. face ID, instantly burst everyone's information layer and social circle.

Unlike the previous ways of unlocking by sticking your finger to the home key or manually entering a password, iPhone x supports uploading a clear face image at one time, and then you can complete the functions of unlocking and payment through "face swiping".

The technology of "Ren" and "Dan" and "you" has aroused a lot of discussion:

——It's not safe at all. If I lose my cell phone, Wu Yanzu and Peng Yuyan can use it casually if they find it.

——When I fall asleep, can a male / female basin friend scan my face and check my cell phone?

——After girls remove makeup at night, they can't unlock it.

——Net red gather a meeting, a person can open 8 people's mobile phones?


In fact, this kind of "black technology" will not happen. How does 3D face recognition work and ensure information security? Next is Xiaoyou's science popularization time.

3D face recognition popular science mode on

1. The core technology is neural network algorithm. Storing a clear face image, the computer will automatically collect many features of the face, such as the location of pores, the thickness of wrinkles, the size of sleeping silkworms and so on. Just like the pixel value of a photo, the data records hundreds of millions of details. When you "brush your face", the matching rate is above a certain value, for example, 95%, you can be identified as the owner of the mobile phone.

2. 3D face recognition has an automatic learning mechanism. Every time you brush your face, the environment, light, your posture, etc. can't be exactly the same. The computer system will learn the characteristics of details according to your first photo, and then every time you use it, more data information will be collected. It can be said that machines are more and more "understanding" of you.

3. Sleep status, pictures and posters are not recognized. For security reasons, one of the conditions Apple's face ID requires unlocking is the need to capture users' eyes. In addition, because the image collected by the camera is 3D modeling, photo unlocking is also not feasible.

4. Wearing sunglasses and veil can still be recognized. Covering half of the face, 3D face recognition can still combine the remaining information like a puzzle when the information is incomplete, and the algorithm model will automatically predict the hidden face structure.