Angstrong technology successfully released


Shenzhen angstrong technology recently released a new generation of 3D cameras, using the most complete and best performance structured light technology designed by itself. Since the introduction of face ID 3D face recognition into iPhone x, Huawei and other smart phone manufacturers have been following up rapidly. Just two months ago, at Apple's annual new product launch, the iPhone product line completed a comprehensive upgrade. All three new iPhones used face ID 3D face recognition instead of the original touch ID fingerprint recognition. At the New York conference at the end of October, a new generation of iPad was also changed to face ID, which shows that this technology is becoming more and more mature and will inevitably spread in an all-round way in the future.MOGO.png

Angstrong to Dr. Lu Yadong, CTO of Anxiang technology, Anxiang technology adopts a 3D structured light scheme similar to apple. Its lattice projector can project more than 30000 laser speckles, decode more than 1 million 3D coordinate point clouds and achieve sub millimeter accuracy. In fact, only with such high accuracy can 3D face recognition support 1 / 1000000 error recognition rate. At the same time, the scheme has strong compatibility and can adapt to the baseline of 20 ~ 50mm, whether it is a screen or a screen. In addition, according to Dr. Lu, the scheme adopts some special designs, which can not only achieve better performance, but also lower cost, and has been fully verified, which is very successful in terms of the final effect.


Wang Yingzu, COO of Anxiang technology, said, "the technology of 3D structured light is still very challenging. In fact, apple spent nearly five or six years before and after the development of this technology, which fully shows that it is not more difficult than ordinary, but the experience it brings is also revolutionary. From system scheme design to detailed design of various components, to production, manufacturing and debugging, we have completed the development of the first generation of products in less than three months, which is enough to show our team's strong R & D strength and profound technology accumulation, not overnight. For example, we, Dr. Jiang Jianhua and Dr. Xu Bing, have been engaged in DOE and VCSEL for more than 20 years respectively, and our camera module hardware engineers have more than 15 years of first-line experience. Of course, there are also a group of very young technical backbones. The team can be said to be crouching tiger, hidden dragon in various fields of 3D sensor software and hardware. That's why we can do this product well in such a short time, and it's a success. We not only have the best design scheme, but also are very familiar with the supply chain and manufacturing process, solving the capacity problem of key components. With the strong rise of domestic manufacturers such as DOE and VCSEL, the full localization of 3D modules will soon be realized. At present, our module has started small batch mass production and can be cut into large-scale mass production at any time. "

It is understood that Anxiang science and Technology Co., Ltd., led by Lihe science and technology innovation group fund of Shenzhen Tsinghua Research Institute, has invested 20 million angel rounds of financing, which can complete the design, manufacturing and mass production of such complex products in a short time, which is completely beyond expectation, which is the embodiment of the team's strong comprehensive strength. Anxiang technology is committed to becoming a global leader in the field of three-dimensional sensing and intelligent hardware. At present, the company has opened a round of financing to make a larger layout for the future industry, and a number of industrial background institutions have expressed their investment intention.