Anxiang: light of structural light, high but not expensive


On December 26, 2018, Jiang Jianhua, vice president of Anxiang, pointed out in his speech "structured light, high but not expensive" at the VCSEL conference, mobile phone industry resource precise docking conference and the first global VCSEL application conference that compared with traditional fingerprint unlocking, 3D structured light has greatly improved in security, recognition accuracy and recognition speed, which is one of the most well-known black technology at present.


  Jiang Jianhua, vice president of Anxiang

 The fault-tolerant rate of fingerprint is about one in 50000, while the fault-tolerant rate of 3D structured light technology for face unlocking can reach one in a million, 20 times that of fingerprint unlocking. Besides, it can also prevent photos, videos or all kinds of malicious attacks, with high security.

In addition, the application of 3D structured light is more extensive. Jiang Jianhua, for example, said: "in addition to the face unlocking that we are already very familiar with, in other applications, such as 3D expression pack installation, or beauty, background virtualization, background matting and more applications for intelligent driving, AR games and 3D modeling.

Jiang Jianhua introduced that 3D structured light usually has VCSEL, optical diffractive element (DOE), infrared camera, image processing chip and other core devices. After the VCSEL laser beam passes through the collimator, the laser speckle is obtained by the DOE device, and then the grating "diffraction replication" is used to expand the projection angle and project a series of specific pattern combinations to the target object. Through the deformation of the reflected spot, the 3D reconstruction is realized based on the original calculation of triangulation. At present, structured light technology is the most mature scheme with the highest accuracy and the lowest power consumption, which is suitable for 3D face recognition, payment, 3D space modeling and other applications.

Anxiang is committed to becoming a top enterprise in the field of 3D sensing and intelligent hardware, providing a first-class overall solution of 3D sensing software and hardware for smart terminals such as mobile phones and tablets, as well as face payment, security monitoring, smart cities, intelligent driving, AR / VR, robots and many other industry applications.

With a profound technical background, the core team has rich engineering practice experience and solid theoretical foundation in the field of 3D sensing, and master the core technology of 3D sensing system software and hardware, such as structured light, TOF and multi-eye stereo vision. The core team members have mature scheme design and scale application background, top experts and relevant resources in VCSEL and DOE fields, can provide first-class 3D identification overall solution, and cooperate with domestic and foreign manufacturers to build a complete industrial chain to solve the pain of large-scale mass production and high cost.

"Our core team has rich engineering practice experience and solid theoretical foundation in the field of 3D sensing," Jiang said. Although the establishment of the company is very short, we launched a mature three-dimensional structured light scheme within three months, and released our three-dimensional structured light module. "

In addition, Jiang Jianhua mainly introduced DOE diffractive optics of the company. In the scheme of 3D structured light, DOE diffraction grating is the key to realize laser speckle, so DOE is one of the key components in the scheme of structured light, and the design and manufacturing threshold of large angle diffraction DOE is very high. The core design members of Anxiang have used more than 20 years of theoretical and practical experience in the field of wave optics such as DOE / grating, holographic optics, integrated imaging, scientific supercomputing and other fields, and independently designed DOE to ensure the quality is controllable. With the effective cooperation of the overall scheme, the effect is very good.

In addition, Anxiang has developed the only optimization algorithm based on appropriate diffraction in the world.

Jiang Jianhua said that at present, Ango 3D structured light module mogo has been released and entered the mass production stage, with the ability to transmit more than 30000 laser speckles and calculate more than 1 million 3D point clouds; the accuracy can reach sub millimeter level, and the working distance can reach 1.2 meters, with ultra-small size and power consumption, which can be applied to various mobile phone models and products. It has ultra-small size and power consumption, and can adapt to 20 ~ 50mm baseline. In addition, an Sijiang is actively studying the module mogo-f which is suitable for long-distance modeling and face recognition.

Finally, Jiang Jianhua said that the popularization of structural light requires the combination of industrial chains. Anxiang hopes to get to know colleagues in the industry, effectively reduce costs and solve production capacity problems through industrial chain integration, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.