Our core strengths
Team Advantage
The company's core technical team is a master team with strong technical and academic background. In the field of 3D sensing, the software and hardware have a very rich theoretical foundation and practical experience.
Technical advantages
Focusing on technology and user experience, Angstrong provides high-precision, medium- and high-precision 3D sensing solutions with high-precision and high-precision 3D sensing solutions, including optical modules and depth algorithms. The core team of the company has a strong technical background and has rich engineering experience and solid theoretical foundation in the field of 3D sensing.
Supply chain advantage
The company has mastered the core technology of hardware and software, has independent patents, is familiar with the 3D sensing supply chain, and has many years of experience in the delivery and engineering of consumer electronics such as mobile phones.

About Angstrong

Angstrong Tech. is committed to becoming the top enterprise in 3D sensing/smart hardware, smart terminals for mobile phones, tablets, PCs, security monitoring, financial security, AR/VR, smart retail, safe city, car, AI , robots, smart homes, industrial measurement, medical and many other industries provide a first-class experience in the overall solution, the company is headquartered in Shenzhen, and set up branches in Shanghai and the United States.
Team introduction
Angstrong has a strong technical and academic background, and has mastered the core technology of hardware and software.
Professor Zheng zhenrong
chief scientist
Professor Zheng is an authoritative expert in AR/VR, traditional imaging/illumination optics, 3D imaging/display, etc. He has more than 20 years of theoretical and practical experience and has made outstanding contributions in the fields of large off-axis display systems and super-large optical systems.
Dr. Lu Yadong
CTO & Founder
He holds a Ph.D. in computational mathematics from the University of Science and Technology of China, and has more than 10 patents. He has been working in the field of multimedia engineering algorithms for 15 years. He has worked for Huawei for 10 years.
Jiang Jianhua, Ph.D.
Vice President & Co-Founder
Graduated from Tsinghua University and the University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA, he worked as a computational optics scientist at UAH for 10 years, then as a core technology member of the Breault Research Organization for 10 years
Ang Lee
He graduated from the Optoelectronics Department of Zhejiang University. He has a solid theoretical foundation and rich experience in engineering delivery. He is proficient in geometric optical design and diffractive optical design.
Dr. Xu Bing
vice president
He graduated from the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1996, and obtained his Ph.D.. He joined the international top company in 2001 and is responsible for VCSEL application and VCSEL related 3D product development and production. 
Wang Yingzu

He graduated from Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology in 1998. He has worked for Huawei for 16 years, and has been engaged in R&D, product management and strategic planning of multimedia communication products and solutions. 

Investment relationship

Angstrong Tech. The company's seed round is funded by the team's self-raised funds of RMB 5 million, and the angel's round of financing of RMB 20 million is funded by the Tsinghua Institute's Lihe Science and Technology Group Fund with a valuation of RMB 300 million. The company will make unremitting efforts to create a first-class experience for users, and invites talents in the fields of optics, hardware circuits, image algorithms, digital image chips, machinery, and management, marketing, sales, etc., and the company team is full of vitality and research and development atmosphere. Strong and relaxed, we believe that with excellent people, we can create endless possibilities.
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