Angstrong Tech.

Committed to becoming a world-leading 3D sensing/intelligent hardware company

Provides first-class 3D sensing total solutions for mobile phones, tablets, PCs, security, surveillance, financial service industry, AR/VR, etc.

2018.06 Company Founded

2018.09 Angel Round Financing: Raised Tens of Millions of RMB from Leaguer Capital, etc.

2018.12 Released 3D Structured Light Module MOGO

2019.07 A Round Financing: Raised over 100 Millions of RMB from Leaguer Capital, SK Capital, Chinaredstar Capital, etc.

2019.10 Developed Industry Leading Production Equipment, with Automation and Mass Production Capacity

2020.06 3D Structured Light Module and 3D Face Recognition Algorithm Certified by BCTC 

2020.08 Released Mass-Producible Consumer DToF 3D Lidar,the First Product of this kind Developed by a Domestic Company

2021.04 A+ Round Financing: Raised over 100 Millions of RMB from Fosun Capital, New Alliance Capital, Hongtai Capital, etc.

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Angstrong Tech. science and technology

Core highlights: technology depth, supply chain capability and market potential


Angstrong Tech.: light of structural light, high but not expensive

On December 26, Jiang Jianhua, vice president of Anxiang, gave a speech "structured light, high but not expensive" at the VCSEL conference, mobile phone industry resource precise docking conference and the first global VCSEL Application Conference


I'll show you the principle of face recognition

This article will help you understand the principle of face recognition and the principle of 3D structured light used in some mobile phones


What is the principle of 3D face recognition? You can also know

Unlike the previous ways of unlocking by sticking your finger to the home key or manually entering a password, iPhone x supports uploading a clear face image at one time, and then you can complete the functions of unlocking and payment through "face swiping".